Here are the questions that we get asked most frequently. Check before you hit the road!

General FAQs

As methods of payment we accept paypal and bank transfer. A 20% down payment must be made at the time of booking in order to guarantee the availability of the campervan. Confirmation of down payment confirms the booking. The remaining 80% of the rental must be paid up to 14 days prior the start of the rental period.
What countries do you service?
We are only in Portugal
How can we hire a campervan?
You can do it yourself on our website or just contact us if you have any problems or questions. We will help you.


Rates & Reservation
Is there a minimum rental period?
The minimum rental period is 5 nights. We might consider exceptions for group bookings or special events. Please contact us for specific requests.
How is the nightly rate calculated?
The nightly rate is the fee of the campervan rental which include basic insurance, along with VAT. It may vary depending on seasonality, promotions and other rental conditions.
What’s the service charge for?
The service fee is charged once for every booking. It includes the kitchen kit, a cleaning kit, the gas cooker, toilet chemicals and the final cleaning.
Documentation and basic requirement
What documents do I need to hire the campervan?
You need ID and driving licence.
Which driving licence is required to drive a campervan?
To drive our campervans, a normal valid driving licence category B is required and the driver must be over 25 years old.
Is there a minimum age to drive a campervan?
The minimum age to drive our campervans is 25 years old.
Pick up and return
We can pick you up at Lisbon airport. The cost is 25€/one way.
Cancellation and modification
What should I do if I have to cancel my reservation?
In the event that you have to cancel your reservation, please send us an email, confirming your name and the dates of your booking, using the email registered for the booking. According to the Terms and conditions we will proceed with the request and any applicable refunds.
What if I want to modify my booking after the reservation is completed?
A change in dates will depend on the current availability and must be approved by Lisboa Campers. Additional charges may apply. However, we will always try our best to make our travellers happy, so do not hesitate to contact us directly for individual requests.

Our Campervans

Models and characteristics
What is the model and engine of the vehicles?
Our fleet is composed by vehicles registered in 2018, Peugeot Boxer, 2.0 130 Diesel, 6 m long
Do the campervans have manual or automatic transmission?
All our campervans have manual transmission.
How many people can ride in a campervan?
All our campervans are equipped with seatbelts for 4 passengers. All models have 2 double beds,
Campervan conditions
Are the campervans supplied with a full tank of diesel?
We always try to provide a full tank, so you can enjoy your road trip right after pick up.
Do I have to refuel them?
Yes, the campervan needs to be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the time of pick up, otherwise re-fuel charges will apply.
Do I have to clean the campervan?

The campervan should be returned in a clean condition.

  • The grey water deposit and the chemical toilet should be emptied.
  • The extras you have rented, like surfboards for example, as well as the  the dishes, should be cleaned and returned.

In the case of a returned campervan that needs professional cleaning, an additional cleaning fee of 100€ will be charged.

Campervan benefits
What is included in every rental?
Every booking includes standard features in order to make your road trip experience perfect. We provide unlimited kilometers, portable cooker, a complete kitchen and cleaning kit.
Do I need to bring bedding sheets or sleeping bags?
Yes. Or you can add a bedding kit as an extra.
Do I need to bring child seats?
You can bring your own child seat or you can add it to your booking.
Does the campervan have air conditioning?
Yes. All our campervans are equipped with air conditioning in the front seats.

Additional services

Can I rent extra equipment such as surfboards, wetsuits and other cool stuff?
Of course! You can find them all on our extras page. When completing your booking, select the extras you desire and they will be added to your trip!
What if I want to add or delete an extra after the booking is concluded?
Most of the extras we have in stock, providing travellers with the opportunity to add or remove at the time of pick up. It is advised to select them in advance with your booking, to ensure availability.


Are pets allowed?
Yes. Here at Lisboa Campers we love animals and have a full understanding that pets are our family and deserve to join the experience. Due to hygiene and allergies, we add an extra fee of 20€ for the cleaning.

Travel tips

Travel tips
Do you have a list of best spots and places to visit?
Our team is full of ideas for the best places to visit to ensure your perfect adventure. For any possible request, please feel free to contact us or check out our Facebook.
Do I have to stay in a campsite during the night?
You can camp wild if it is not forbidden (for exampe in Nature Parks). Our campervans are fully independent. Due to very efficient solar panel system they not require any additional energy. You may charge your electronical devises with USB spots located in a few comfortable places in the campervan.
Where am I allowed to travel?
You can drive all around European Union with our campervans and enjoy the unlimited kilometres.
How do I pay tolls?
You can pay the tolls directly at the highway.

Useful information

Average weather in Portugal
The climate of Portugal is temperate, being influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, the climate is cool and rainy, while moving south it becomes gradually warmer and sunnier; in the far south, the region of Algarve has a dry and sunny microclimate. In the interior, on the border with Spain, the climate becomes a little more continental.In summer, Portugal is protected by the Azores High, so it’s sunny everywhere, however, a few weather fronts can pass in the northern part of the country.
Lisbon is located in the subtropical climate zone with the Mediterranean variety, which is characterized by mild winters and hot summers, which in Lisbon are not so annoying because of high temperatures, because Lisbon lies close to the Atlantic Ocean.